Meet the staff at Designer Fitness!

Danielle Klassen

Danielle is the owner and head trainer of Designer Fitness. She started the company with the desire to bring a holistic style to the world of personal training by helping clients engage the emotional and psychological aspects of fitness training. Inspired by her own struggle as an overweight youth, Danielle understands the challenges that face the average person in their own journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Danielle has over 14 years of experience as a fitness professional and holds a degree in Psychology and Human Kinetics. She has a background as a Provincial champion in competitive swimming, was nominated by her peers as BCRPA Personal Trainer of the Year (2005) and won BCRPA Group Fitness Leader of the Year (2007). As a certified fitness educator, Danielle excels at educating her clients as well as certifying other fitness trainers and instructors. She has presented acclaimed workshops at the BC Fit BCRPA Fitness Conference in Vancouver and the Interior Fitness Conference in Kelowna.

Sonja Friesen

Sonja is dedicated to equipping and encouraging individuals to reach their fitness goals. Her passion is to make fitness purposeful and fun, and for individuals to enjoy life to the fullest in good health. She understands the patience, perseverance, and support it takes to make healthy choices everyday and to accomplish goals.

Sonja moved to Kelowna in September 2011 and is currently working on her General Studies degree with Athabasca University while continuing with her fitness education. She is a certified Weight Training Instructor and Fitness Leader.

Kate Land

Katie graduated with a BA in Sociology from the University of Victoria while playing for the varsity Field Hockey team. Field hockey was a big part of her life; despite being in a constant battle with her weight and fitness level, her love of sport 'forced' her into leading an active life style.

Her greatest challenge has proved to be the unexpected end of her field hockey career due to a serious knee injury. Shortly after moving to Kelowna she was lucky enough to stumble upon the Designer Fitness family and they soon became her support system, her new team! The people in this group inspired her to continue improving her fitness level without censure, and their positive reinforcement was the reason she chose this career path. Her goal is to motivate you by bringing variety and encouragement to each session while challenging your abilities. Together, you will break through barriers and make it to the next level!

Bron Williams

Bron always wondered if she could find something that she could define as her passion. She came to the realization that influencing friends and family to make healthy choices, seeing them make improvements in their lives, and supporting them to achieve their goals made her feel good. Completing a tough workout is a priceless and addictive feeling and she wanted to share that with others. Coming to that realization, she started to evaluate career opportunities in the fitness industry. Danielle and Designer Fitness helped her carve out a path to achieve the goal of living her passion.

Jody Wielgosz

As a wife, mother of four and grandmother of two, Jody is fully aware what busy demands women deal with trying to fit health-style choices into their schedules. She brings knowledge and energy to her classes that empowers women to work harder than before. Her background in sports allows her to bring fresh, fun ideas to each class that is sure to please even the most resistant to fitness regimes. Her passion is to help others meet their health and wellness goals through education and practical application.

Jody is a certified group fitness and Zumba instructor. While teaching, she employs her extensive history of coaching various sports including gymnastics, trampoline and soccer. She is also a certified Chiropractic office assistant working as a patient liaison.

Nicole Gulenchyn

Nicole has always had a passion for fitness and nature and loves combining them both in bootcamp classes. She is also a bit shy and will tell you more about herself in the near future!

Jackie Credgeur

5 years ago, Jackie made improving her own health her #1 goal in an effort to preventing disease and to create a balanced life of work, exercise, and play. She is passionate about the body and nutrition, taking every opportunity to study and soak up information in this area and loves sharing with others what has resonated in her own life. She incorporates Yoga, Pilates, meditation, nutrition and feeding/honoring the spirit daily.

Jackie has studied Yoga and Pilates, fitness theory and workshops of holistic nutrition. She is passionate about bringing body awareness/movement and creating a harmonious life of optimal health and wellness of mind body and spirit.

Angela Walsh

Ang strongly believes that the health of our bodies is immensely impacted by the kind of food, or fuel, we put into it. She is convinced that our bodies were created with the innate ability to heal themselves and maintain vitality if we do our part by feeding them well.

Ang loves to create meals featuring whole, fresh foods in ways that are delicious and satisfying. Her goal is to continually incorporate her knowledge into the way she cooks for her family and for you. Her desire is that it blesses you on your journey toward better health. Ang is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.