Online Unlimited

Join us for zoom, mini sessions, recorded MWF classes or Saturday snowshoe. Unlimited - one flat rate for January only!!

  • 3-4 sessions a week
  • A mix training techniques so you dont get bored
  • Safe and effective
  • Community and accountability
  • Zoom, recordings and snowshoe

Times and Dates:

  • 9am MWF, starting on Mon, Jan 3
  • Saturday snowshoe, starting on Sat, Jan 8

Locations may change - see specific class for details
Classes may change based on registration

Your Investment:

$25 12 sessions for the month for current members
$40 12 sessions for the month for new members

Zoom Style Sessions

What to get the feel of the group session but need to say at home? or away on vacation and still want to join in? Join us a couple days a week to experience the workout with a group - lead by a skilled instructor in your safe space.

  • Unique challenges each session
  • Tighten and tone those saggy muscles
  • Enjoy the dynamics and motivation of a group
  • Feel the community of the group
  • Do in the comfort of your home over ZOOM

Times and Dates:

  • Mondays, Wednesday &or Fridays 9am , starting on Mon, Jan 3

Zoom classes on MWF 9am only.
Log in will be provided at the beginning of the sessions

Your Investment:

$25 for current members
$40 for new registrations

Outdoor Morning sessions -

Every day we will challenge a new muscle group encouraging deeper core connections. This low impact class is designed to be safe indoors following the BC covid requirements. Various levels options and your own equipment will be used at each session to keep you interested and progressing.

  • Create rocking arms
  • Tone thighs and tighten butt
  • Whittle away at your waist
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Muscle and balance focus
  • Classes are limited #s following Covid protocol

Times and Dates:

    Saturday snowshoes - email for more into
    all other outdoor classes hope to be returning in Feb

    Your Investment:

    $25 snowshoe sessions

    Outdoor Evening Sessions

    Sweat, Move and Keep Warm! This HIIT class is designed to help you push your aerobic threshold with full body functional cardio drills. These drills can be modified to meet your fitness level but you will be pushed

    • Full Body work
    • Outdoors with limited numbers
    • High Calorie burning
    • Great new challenge
    • FUN and Unique

    Times and Dates:

      Hope to return in Feb 2022

      Your Investment:

      Mix and Match Sessions

      A safe and effective training program utilizing various HIIT techniques combined with a zoom or in studio session. This is the perfect program for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. Indoor train with heavier weights and outdoor push the cardio for the ultimate body changing workout.

      • Safe and effective
      • Comfortable and motivating
      • Small group training at a affordable price
      • Outdoor, indoor and zoom
      • Limited spots avaliable

      Times and Dates:

      • 3 days a week (register for special), starting on Mon, Jan 3

      Send us an e-mail with your mix and match choices
      Some classes may be full - email for more details

      Your Investment:


      A perfect workout to strengthen your muscles and stimulate your Heart Rate. Get out and about with a small group - headlamps, trail passes may be required

      • Specialize program
      • Reservations required
      • Every class is different!
      • Small Group
      • Outdoor FUN!
      • Extra fee may include the purchase of a trail pass

      Times and Dates:

        contact Shelia for dates and times

        Your Investment:

        Karma Gentle Yoga Flow - in person

        Join the talented Kirsten for some gentle yoga flow. This outdoor class is available to all registered members but you must register below to confirm your spot. Yoga blocks are recommend and layers to ensure your body stays warm.

        • Slow down and relax
        • Reduce tension and increase body awareness
        • Similar to a gentle piyo with enjoyable mat work
        • Outdoors
        • encouraging and wonderful time to connect
        • Appropriate for all fitness levels

        Times and Dates:

        • Fridays 9am on Zoom, starting on Fri, Jan 7

        Participate on zoom - part us unlimited online month reg
        contact us for link

        Your Investment:

        Private Training - limited spots email for interview

        Do you have a specific goal or want to effective exercise and great SERIOUS results in less time. Our award winning trainers are ready to give you personalize attention and even give you workouts you can do at home to MAXIMIZE your improvement. Body fat testing and nutritional assessments and recommendations can be part of these sessions.

        • Maximize your results in less time
        • Bust those plateaus
        • At-home programs designed just for you!
        • Short (30min) and intense
        • Private studio

        Times and Dates:

          Location: At our private studio, or outdoors
          These are one on one, pairs or small group avaliable

          Your Investment:

          $200 5 sessions (30min)
          $380 10 sessions (30min)

          BCRPA approved - Basic Fitness Theory

          Congratulations for making the first step towards becoming a fitness professional.This part classroom, par directed study is the first required course to become registered in Canada as ANY TYPE of fitness professions. Learn anatomy, exercise physiology and fitness concepts preparing you for the inital exam and various fitness modules.

          • BCPRA ICE prep
          • Overview for a greater understanding of fitness concepts
          • Specialized support
          • BCRPA approved
          • part independent study part in class study
          • Small class size

          Times and Dates:

            Please e-mail me for more information

            Your Investment:

            Cardio Club

            Get motivated to improve your cardio fitness by meeting up for a quick 45min planned cardio session. All levels welcome, various outdoor locations and experiences will be planned.

            • Enjoyable cardio experience
            • Explore new places
            • Fun with others
            • Workout lead on Tuesdays and available by recording
            • Small group size
            • 45min

            Times and Dates:

              Various outdoor locations, lead on Tuesdays
              hoping to return in Feb

              Your Investment:

              Are you a mom at home with little ones and wanting to be active with other moms? Come join our fit moms club for some outside fitness. Chat with us about how we are maintaining covid protocols and limiting numbers to keep everyone moving and safe.

              • short sessions
              • restorative
              • small group sessions
              • 45min fun sweat with your littles
              • #s are limited - email me for details

              Times and Dates:

                Your Investment:

                City of Kelowna Programs

                Some classes are offered through The City of Kelowna.

                Visit the The City of Kelowna web site to register.

                Programs run by The City of Kelowna are not eligible for any discounts or promotions offered through the Designer Fitness web site.

                Details subject to change. Conditions may apply.

                Call or email for more details on any program!

                Forms and Registration Packages

                Download forms by clicking on the appropriate link:

                Call or email if you don't see the form you need or if you are unsure of which form to use.