Fall Unlimited Package

UNLIMITED SESSIONS all fall!! Take advantage of our reduced rate by signing up for 3 month!!! Establish fitness goals and create a positive change. 21 days of consistency and you create a new habit, 8 weeks to make changes to your body

  • Attend any session any time
  • Incredible value!
  • Register for 1 month at a time
  • Make 3 month commitment and get a discount

Times and Dates:

  • Mon-Sat Anytime, starting on Mon, Oct 1

Some conditions apply. Class schedule may change without
notice. Scroll down to find the locations of each class.

Your Investment:

$135 Oct 2018
$395 3 month discount

Bootcamp Style Sessions

Add a little sizzle to your workout while experiencing body fat reduction, toned muscles and improved cardiovascular endurance. This unique fitness combo encourages you to do highly effective interval training while mixing in targeted toning exercises. All fitness levels are welcome, there will be fun and functional exercise for everyone.

  • Unique body shaping challenges each day
  • Tighten and tone those saggy muscles
  • Enjoy the dynamics and motivation of a group
  • Get it all in one workout!
  • Designed with unique elements each workout
  • May include step, boxing drills and yoga

Times and Dates:

  • 9am Mon, Wed & Friday, starting on Mon, Oct 1

Location: Mission Creek Park (m&f) & Apple Bowl (w)
no class Oct 8th

Your Investment:

$125 per person for 3 sessions a week members
$110 per person for 2 sessions a week members

Mon & Wed Outdoor Fitness Adventure

Every day we will challenge a new muscle group while infusing lots of cardio and heart raising elements. Various levels options and equipment will be used at each session to keep you interested and progressing.

  • Create rocking arms
  • Tone thighs and tighten butt
  • Whittle away at your waist
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Muscle and balance focus

Times and Dates:

  • Mon & Wed at 5:00pm, starting on Mon, Oct 1

Location: Mission Creek Park
no class Oct 8th

Your Investment:

$110 per person (8 sessions) for New Participants
$98 per person (8 sessions) for Returning Participants

P90Xlive Group

Be part of a test group that is exploring the advantages of a 6 week progressive program along with a sugar free lifestyle. This accountability group is a program for all fitness levels but will increase the challenge weekly so your body meets the demands and changes as a result.

  • Full Body work
  • Low Impact
  • High Calorie burning
  • Great new challenge
  • FUN and Unique
  • Weekly food accountability

Times and Dates:

  • Saturdays 9:30am, starting on Sat, Oct 13

Location: TBA

Your Investment:

$30 New Members per person (3 sessions)
$20 Current members add on (3 sessions)

Small Group Training

A safe and effective training program utilizing the techniques of Cross-Fit. This is the perfect program for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. This 1 or 2 day a week women's program trains with heavier weight for the ultimate body changing workout.

  • Safe and effective Cross-Fit training
  • Comfortable and motivating for Women only
  • Small group training at a affordable price
  • Weight/Personal training experience is a pre-req
  • Limited spots avaliable
  • 45 min only!

Times and Dates:

  • Thursday 9:30am, starting on Thu, Oct 4

Location: 2555 Wyatt Rd
Limited class size - you must reserve your spot by e-mail

Your Investment:

$52 1 sessions per week
$98 2 sessions per week


A perfect workout to lengthen your muscles and stimulate your core. This mat work will allow you enjoy the outdoors while still getting a light cardio and challenging core workout.

  • Specialize program
  • Tighten and tone your core
  • Every class is different!
  • Stress relieving
  • FUN!
  • Quick 45min

Times and Dates:

  • Tuesdays 9:30am, starting on Tue, Oct 2
  • Thursdays 5:30pm , starting on Thu, Oct 4

Location: Tues 2555 Wyatt Rd Thur TBA
no class on the 30th

Your Investment:

$45 per person (4 sessions)
$98 per person (8 sessions)

Hiking Group

Join us at Knox mountain for a energizing hike up Knox mountain on Saturday mornings

  • Enjoyable experience
  • Explore new places
  • Fun with others

Times and Dates:

  • Saturday 9:30am, starting on Sat, Jul 7

Location: knox mountain park

Your Investment:

$20 Adults (4 sessions)

Vib & Mat training

Beginners, those recovering from injury and avid exercisers can all benefit from a ittle vib training. Done in partnership with the Ideal weight loss clinic we do a full body restorative session in 30minutes. In this short time the vib trainers help to reduce lactic acid, encourage circulation and reduce stress hormones. Both small group and individual sessions avaliable

  • short sessions
  • restorative
  • group or individual sessions
  • 30min fun sweat
  • * Minimum #s are required - email me for details

Times and Dates:

  • Mon 5:15pm, starting on Mon, Nov 5

Location: Ideal weight loss clinic on Cooper

Your Investment:

$50 4 sessions

Spin at Parkinson Rec Center

Intimidated by Spin? Join me for 50min of spin drills and fall in love with spin! Join me in the Orchard Rd once and learn all the basics while getting a great sweat!!

  • Burn upwards of 600 calories a class
  • All fitness levels
  • Major cardio work
  • Learn cool new drills every class
  • Have Fun!
  • Low impact

Times and Dates:

  • Tuesday 7:15pm, starting on Tue, Oct 2

Location: Orchard Rd at Parkinson Rec Center

Your Investment:

$10 Drop in

Private Training

Do you have a specific goal or want to effective exercise and great SERIOUS results in less time. Our award winning trainers are ready to give you personalize attention and even give you workouts you can do at home to MAXIMIZE your improvement. Body fat testing and nutritional assessments and recommendations can be part of these sessions.

  • Maximize your results in less time
  • Bust those plateaus
  • At-home programs designed just for you!
  • Short (30min) and intense

Times and Dates:

  • 5 sessions a month package (30min sessions), starting on Mon, Oct 1
  • 10 sessions a month package (30min sessions), starting on Mon, Oct 1

Location: At our private studio, your home or outdoors
These are one on one, pairs or small group avaliable

Your Investment:

$175 5 sessions
$320 10 sessions

Designer Fitness Foam Fest Club

Take one step at a time - before you know it you will have run 5km! Do you feel intimidated by running - maybe a 10km run seems to big? Well, Designer Fitness is offering a this program to all wanabee runners. This program will teach you how to begin running safely and motivate you with an end goal in mind. Then, at the end of the program Designer Fitness will hosting an event that will allow all new or new-ish runners to enjoy a low stress race challenge.

  • Enjoy a non-intimidating running environment
  • Run safely with a group of other beginners
  • Get the appropriate coaching and motivation to meet your run goal
  • One group run a week and 2 additional days of homework
  • Great affordable add on to any program

Times and Dates:

  • Tuesdays 5:15pm, starting on Sat, May 5

Location: Apple Bowl

Your Investment:

$25 per person (5 sessions) current members
$40 per person (5 sessions) new members

Weight training courses - BCRPA approved

Congratulations for making the first step towards becoming a fitness professional. This course is part independent study and part in class work to prepare you for completing the BCRPA standard weight training ICE exam - the pre -req for any Personal trainers or can add to group fitness, pilates, yoga. This program has been created to meet a specific need giving small group attention for a greater understanding of fitness concepts.

  • BCPRA ICE prep
  • Overview for a greater understanding of fitness concepts
  • Specialized support
  • BCRPA approved
  • part independent study part in class study
  • Small class size

Times and Dates:

  • Saturday 9:30-12:30, starting on Sat, Oct 13
  • Saturday 9:30-12:30, starting on Sat, Oct 20
  • independent study and private appointments, starting on Sun, Oct 28

Location: 2555 Wyatt Rd & various gym locations
manual not included - acceptable manuals listed on bcrpa web

Your Investment:

$299 early bird rate until Oct 1
$340 after Oct 1st

City of Kelowna Programs

Some classes are offered through The City of Kelowna:

  • BOSU Challenge (128068)
  • Pilates Fuzion (127575)
  • Group Fitness Course (Fitness Instructor Training) (127573)

Visit the The City of Kelowna web site to register.

Programs run by The City of Kelowna are not eligible for any discounts or promotions offered through the Designer Fitness web site.

Details subject to change. Conditions may apply.

Call or email for more details on any program!

Forms and Registration Packages

Download forms by clicking on the appropriate link:

Call or email if you don't see the form you need or if you are unsure of which form to use.