Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How hard is a Designer Fitness bootcamp program?

A. The workout is challenging but you do work at your own level! The beauty of an outdoor bootcamp program is the variety of exercises. When you change the exercises, the focus, the tempo and/or the equipment you can make any exercises as hard as you like. Imagine working at your own level with the support of amazing people all around you all working at there own fitness level. Someone will always excel at different exercises and all you have to do is come on out find your own fit! We will make sure you are pushed but also exercising in an appropriate way so you get your results without overtraining.

Q. What is the average age of the participants?

A. We have participants from the ages of 19 to 76, However we have set up different types of programs for different age groups. There is no 'one size fits all' approach in our bootcamps so please check out our bootcamp options to ensure you are in the right program to meet your needs.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. For every session you will need a mat (yoga or beach towel), a full water bottle, a small sweat towel, layered clothing for various weather conditions, appropriate exercise wear and shoes. Some programs may request that you bring hand weights or resistance bands if you have them. Also please sure you bring your “Client Information Package” as requested upon your registration into any program on the first day or the program.

Q. What does a Bootcamp Session look like?

A. A typical session will consist of a warm up activity like walking, jogging, group movement. Then as a group we practice some of the new exercises we may be doing that day. From there we increase the intensity, split into exercise groups and consistently move from one exercise to another – only taking breaks for water and instruction for the next 30-40min. After the cardio interval and resistance work we focus on core work, cool down and stretch. No one classes looks or feels the same as the instructor will set the daily focus and ensure that you are working in your target heart rate zone to ensure results.

Q. What is Zumba and can I do it with two left feet?

A. Zumba is the latest fitness craze and it SO MUCH FUN! If you like to dance you will like Zumba! Based on various principles of latin dance you will salsa, hip hop and belly dance your cares away. Don't worry about anyone watching you - they are too busy following the instructor through the dance moves. Unlike a typical aerobics class the instructor does not cue or tell you what to do – you just follow her feet the best you can and every week you learn more and more of the routines.

Q. What happens if I miss a session?

A. If you miss a "bootcamp" class you are welcome to attend any another currently running class (including Zumba) to make up that session. Please ensure you talk with your leader to get all the details of your options. The missed session(s) must be made up within your programs start and end dates. Generally speaking, if you miss a "Zumba" session, you can only make it up in other Zumba classes.

Q. Can I mix and match sessions?

A. You sure can – we recommend that you register for the "bootcamp" program that you plan on attending the most (more then 5 out of the 10 sessions) and then talk with your leader about what other classes you are going to take part in to ensure you complete all 10 of your sessions. Generally speaking, you can mix and match "Zumba" sessions only with other "Zumba" class times.

Q. Can I drop in?

A. Generally, yes. You are welcome to drop in or bring a friend to drop in - however, some conditions apply. We can not allow drop-ins to any full classes as spots are reserved first for registration. Also note that drop-in prices are higher then a program registration investment.

Q. Will I be sore after working out?

A. You should expect an certainly amount of reasonable soreness after any new exercises – however, the more you attend, the less sore you will be an a consistent basis. The soreness you experience will not prevent you from participating in your normal daily routines; it should just be a gentle reminder that you did something good for yourself. If you experience 'bad' soreness – lasting soreness or joint pain - we recommend that you see a doctor, rest and upon your return we will pay extra-special attention to your form during your exercises to ensure you are not doing damage to your body.

Q. Will I get results?

A. We are always amazed at the results we see after 10 bootcamp sessions. It is truly incredible and it has to be experienced. Since each person is different we see different types of results – some members may see more weight loss or inch loss, some will see better improved cardiovascular benefits, others more tone but each and EVERY time we test we see a MARKED improvement. For some of our posted results check out the Designer Fitness Facebook page or the testimonial section.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are locationed at different areas of Kelowna to allow for different challenges and different needs. Under each program you will see a location for that program.

Q. What makes Designer Fitness programs different from other bootcamps?

A. The leaders and the environment we create makes all the difference! I (Danielle) am a women who has struggled with her weights since the age of 4 but I have not let it stop me from doing what I love – helping people get active and enjoy exercise! I have been an athlete, I have completed a degree in Psychology and Human kinetics and I can motivate people without being the typical 'Drill Sargent.' Over the years I have created an environment in which no one feels judge – instead they feel encouraged. Everyone is welcome and we share in one another's success. I also believe the exercise needs to be fun so there is always a element of enjoyment at each session which helps you to come back. Come and experience the difference. At Designer Fitness we don't MAKE you exercise we help you WANT to exercise and that makes all the difference.