What People Are Saying

"I started working one on one with Danielle and immediately loved her positive energy and encouragement. Eventually I signed up for Designer Fitness' HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class and fell in love with it! Not only did the instructors have the same positive energy and encouragement as Danielle but they kicked my butt into shape!

I love the results (20.5 inches since my one-on-one sessions), the feeling of being active & fit and the friendships I have created!

Designer Fitness ROCKS!!!"

-- K.D.

"Danielle is the best trainer ever! Makes you sweat buckets while keeping a smile on your face (how is that possible...oh yes it is!)!! No mercy.. in a good way!!"

-- S.T.

"Just wanted to let you know how I did this weekend at the Apple Triathlon. I finished in a time of 53:46, and was very happy as I was targeting to finish under 55min. I finished 6th overall.

Again, thanks for all your Training, it really helped me get to where I am, and also more importantly really helped me get excited about the triathlon sport. I'm already making plans to compete in 2 races next year, and to move up to the Sprint distance."

-- B.T.

"Hi Cheryl and Danielle, just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for the awesome bootcamp. I really enjoyed my 4 weeks and loved the pace and the challenge at each session. A different workout each time certainly kept me on my toes and avoided any boredom. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the motivation to keep pushing. I hope to join another bootcamp down the road! Until then... I promise to challenge myself at the gym and avoid an exercise rut. Thanks so much!!!!"

-- N.L.

"Really good leadership with strong yet gentle encouragement, which at my age of 70 is really appreciated. I am delighted with this. I came due to stresses in my life and some weight problems. Both are being worked on by this program. Kudos!"

-- via Twongo

"The bootcamp classes have been fun and a great workout without being intimidating. I feel like everyone is welcomed by the instructors!"

-- via Twongo

"Designer Fitness has fantastic trainers who are very upbeat and positive. The outdoor classes are always different and you are consistently given opportunities to challenge yourself and get results."

-- via Twongo

"I have been telling absolutely everyone I run into about [Designer Fitness]. I love that each class is different and challenging. It has been great to have workouts designed for me and I don't have to think about that part of it. I find it easier to work harder when I am accountable as a group member, rather than just to myself. It is much easier to call it a day when you are on your own. My muscles are fatigued after each workout and, trust me, volleyball games after every Tuesday class have been challenging to put it mildly. Having this outdoor class is such a fantastic change from being in the gym. The leadership has been great. Instructions are clear and your positive attitude sets a great example."

-- H.B.

"I had the weirdest thing happen today... My body was wanting to exercise! That never happens, especially on a day that I'm not planning to! So I went to the little park around the corner and did some of our bootcamp exercises. Crazy!!!!"

-- C.W.

"I really enjoyed the Running Club and if it wasn't for the group I would never have accomplished what I did. I managed to talk myself into the 'homework' runs, because I knew I would not be able to step it up on the Monday, when we got together, if I did not do the homework. It is incredible that you had me, someone who never ever ran in her entire life (almost 60 years) run for 6.3 km, without stopping and it only took 6 weeks to get there! Before I started the program, I could not run around the Apple Bowl track without stopping. On Monday I ran the equivalent of 15 times around the track.

I still cannot believe I actually did it!! Thank you ever so much Danielle! Your enthusiasm, encouragement and guidance through knowledge made this happen."

-- A.F.

"I had such an awesome time! For the first time after a run, my abs hurt. I ran this morning and I could really feel a difference! I totally feel like I am finally on track! Thanks for the New Year call!"

-- S.E.

"Dear, dear Danielle, It is 12:35 just past midnight New Year's Day and it is the first year in as long as I can remember that I am not setting a fitness goal with any kind of struggle or desperation. Because of what I get from you and the ladies that attend bootcamp, I have "knowingness" that this time next year, without a doubt, I will be fitter than now.

Because of the fun and friendship I experience with Designer Fitness, there is no way that I cannot continue to participate and therefore, there is no way I will be less fit than I am now. I don't need to set a goal. I know. Thanks so much, Danielle. All the best in 2011 on your journey!"

-- M.P.

"Danielle is one of the BEST instructors I've had in the many years of various classes. I love her smile and genuine caring attitude. Thanks to Danielle!"

-- P.P.

"Danielle really is a warm and friendly professional giving regular encouragement and additional helpful information."

-- A.C.

"Designer Fitness offers the greatest 1 hour 'boot camp' here in Kelowna... outdoors rain or shine, heatwave or frigid! The leaders are always oozing with enthusiasm and before you know it the time is up! Terrific! Hard work and tons of fun!"

-- R.G.

"I wanted to let you know I successfully surfed in Bali and had a blast! I felt way better than last year. Thanks for you help."

-- B.F.

"Danielle, when we went for our run Wed night, I got to thinking about how many times I would be training for the half marathon now and wondered how far I could run. I was curious so I left the house at 8:15 this morning and ran for two hours and eleven minutes... I think it was about 13k including warm-up and cool-down. I have done some hour-long hikes in the past while, but no running... I think it is pretty amazing that I can run that far, without pain, just because of the level of fitness bootcamp gives me. If I had walked, I could have gone further but I did 10:1s and it was fine.... I felt strong and only started to feel tired after about 1:35 hours of running.

All I can say is Thank You!! I would not do it if not for you and the wonderful group of women you attract!"

-- M.P.

"Danielle you are truly inspirational! Your positivity and motivational words have changed my outlook and the way that I look at myself. It is a constant struggle for me, but after being with you for an hour, I feel so positive and happy with my journey. Thank you....you have changed my life! You are such a beautiful person both inside and out!"

-- S.A.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I am loving the Dare to Define! I am happy to be motivated to exercise again and look forward to Monday and Wednesday evenings. Danielle is a fabulous trainer with her super positive attitude and beautiful smile. I hope to be with this great group for a long time coming."

-- C.S.

"Over the past five years my personal fitness goals have been made possible through my work with Danielle. My first triathlon experience was successful with Danielle's support and encouragement. Fear of deep water was washed away! She guides me professionally through each personal training session and ensures that I attain all of my goals.

Danielle is enthusiastic and fun to work with. She is always smiling, laughing, and positive. She encourages you to believe 'I can do this!'"

-- D.A.

"I met Danielle Klassen in January of this year when my doctor told me that I had to change my lifestyle (exercise and diet). As I could not join the Boomer Bootcamp that she conducted at that time, Danielle kindly found me a partner to work with and provided us with a 'special' workout twice a week.

I had neglected my fitness for years, especially my abs. Well, Danielle managed to have me work all parts of my body (including that protruding tummy). And guess what? For the first time in my life, my pants began to fit loosely, my upper arms didn't jiggle as much and I had new found energy!

Danielle is terrific. She is fun, extremely knowledgeable and always organized and ready to go. She varies the exercises so much that it keeps me guessing and the time speeds by. Working out with Danielle also made me realize that I was back in the '60s with my exercise program.

The result: in two months time my cholesterol and blood sugars are back to normal and I have lost 6 pounds.

Accolades to Danielle... I couldn't recommend a fitness trainer more highly."

-- M.M.

"At age 69 I competed in the pentathalon at the Canadian Masters Championships at Kamloops on July 17, 2009. The Pentathalon was Long Jump, Javelin, 200m, Discus and 1500m, all in one afternoon (in the hot sun). I didn't win any medals but did complete all events without faults and without injury - my times and distances were at my personal best during training 3 times each week for the past summer, so it was a good meet for me.

Thanks for your help in getting me interested in learning something I had never done before, not even when I was young. Without the Boomer Bootcamp I would never have ever considered going to the competition in an athletic event."

-- T.A.

"I started working with Danielle in April, following the recommendation of a friend. It was tough, but fun. We laugh a lot and get fitter as we go.

My body started to change after the first month. In May my cardio really improved and unfortunately, I could not attend in June. By the end of July, my body fat had decreased by 6% and I am on track for 10% by early September. What is remarkable is how strong I have become and how many people notice how much better I am looking. My posture has improved, I can run up hills, I look forward to class with Danielle and my new friends, and the "muffin top" is gone! This is the best thing I have done for myself in years and I am SO pleased with the results.

Danielle's education and experience create a sound fitness program and her creativity keeps me coming back for more!

Thanks so much!"

-- M.P.

"As a visitor to Kelowna, I was only able to attend bootcamp for 3.5 weeks. I am a slim person, about 5'7" tall, weighing 108lbs. Before I started, Danielle completed a Body Fat test. My body fat was about 22%. I was hugely surprised to discover that in that short amount of time, without changing my eating, I lost 2% BF! Slim as I was, I still lost inches from all over - particularly my abdominal, tummy and hips area - and I started looking more toned as I lost the body fat and gained 3lbs of lean body muscle. She also targeted areas I had problems with such as cardio and my balance and, following her tips and encouragement, I noticed improvement on both of them. So not only did I have a lot of fun, I got great results in a short period of time.

I would encourage anyone to work with Danielle. She's an outgoing, vibrant instructor, who not only teaches you how to do things but encourages you to do them with her energy and positive outlook. Bootcamp was not only an improvement physically and mentally, it was also fun and educational as we learned new workouts every day and facts about nutrition and body parts. It's personal, it's effective, it's fun!"

-- P.A.

"Danielle is the most delightful personal trainer in Kelowna and the surrounding area. She gives RESULTS!"

-- L.M.

"Thanks so much Danielle...I owe so much of my achievement to you, your knowledge, encouragement and enthusiasm!! I am indebted and humbled!! So appreciative am I that our paths crossed!"

-- R.G.

"Thanks for such a great work out last night. I have a weary body today. I like doing the varied activities... even though I moan over the ab exercise I really am always glad we do them! Doing abs through different exercise is the best.

I am so pleased that I was able to do the 'sideways walking' and push ups and not have any shoulder consequences; I went cautiously, though. I have sore shoulder muscles but that is from the exercises and not from my 'injury'."

-- D.O.